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2015 Spring/Summer Field Trips and Volunteer Events


14: ATP Trails Work Day
14: Maggie's Peak
15: Linda Falls Work Day
20: ATP Wildflower Hike
21: Audubon-Cheyney Preserve/Devil’s Punchbowl 

22: Wantrup Wildlife Sanctuary Hike               

  4:  Wildlake Amphibians and Reptiles
10:  Mt. George Summit                                                                                    

11:  Wantrup Preserve Work Day
11:  Grateful Dead Peak*                                                                       
12:  Three Counties Hike*
17:  Birding the Dunn-Wildlake Ranch Preserve                                     

18:  ATP Wildflower Hike                                                         
19:  Henry Road                             
24:  Maggie's Peak             
25:  Snell Valley Rare Wildflower Walk  
26:  Wildlake to Calistoga


2:  Hoffnagle Loop at Wildlake Ranch
  3:  Devil's Well Photography Hike

  9:  Wildlake Highlights 
10:  Mother's Day at Tuteur Ranch                                                      

17:  Maggie's Peak
21:  Dunn-Wildlake and Duff Ranch Preserve Orientation
23:  Linda Falls Work Day
24:  Owling in the Napa Valley
30:  Wildlake Botany Hike

 6:  Wildlake Work Day                                                                                    
 6:  Dunn-Wildlake and Duff Ranch Preserve Orientation
 6:  Linda Falls
13: Candlestick Ridge Photography Hike
20: Birding the Stanly Ranch
Devil's Well Hike   

 9: Wildlake Work Day
12: Stanly Lane Walk

18: Stargazing at the Wantrup Wildlife Sanctuary
23: Dunn-Wildlake and Duff Ranch Preserve Orientation


Ongoing Events:

Archer Taylor Preserve Work Days - Every Saturday

Full Moon Walks at Wildlake—*By Request Only*


Special Events:

*Two Hikes for One: Overnight Excursion at McLaughlin Reserve

Interested in hiking both the Grateful Dead and Three Counties Hikes (April 11 & 12)? We offer a two-day package which includes overnight camping and a group potluck at the McLaughlin Reserve. Please sign up for each hike individually, then email Cathy Koehler ( to make reservations for the overnight portion of this trip. Cathy will provide details on reserve access, campsites and nominal overnight use fee, available facilities for cooking, etc. The overnight option is available to hikers who participate in one or both of these hikes.


Check back in early September 2015 to see our Fall/Winter trips!

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