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Event Registration

We look forward to seeing you at our next event!

In addition to our seasonal hikes listed below, you are invited to join us for one of our upcoming Buy A Spot adventures.  A few spots are still available for our exceptional experiences, including Poker for the Preserves, Night Flick at HALL, and the Dunn-Wildlake and Duff Preserves Seek, Hike and Dine events. Don't miss out on these one-of-a-kind opportunities!  Click the links above to learn more about each event.  

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  8:  Audubon-Cheyney Preserve/Devil’s Punchbowl - Rescheduled for 4/13
  8:  Archer Taylor Preserve Work Day
  9:  Linda Falls Preserve Work Day                
15:  Moonlight Hike and Overnight Campout at Wildlake          
16:  Trancas Crossing River Stroll
23:  Linda Falls Family Hike
23:  Candlestick Ridge Hike - Member Series

  5:  Grateful Dead Peak
  6:  Foote Botanical Preserve Work Day                                                                                    

  6:  Aetna Springs to Wildlake  
12:  Archer Taylor Preserve Work Day                                                                       
12:  The John Hoffnagle Loop at Wildlake
13:  Audubon-Cheney Preserve/Devil's Punchbowl                                      

13:  River Stroll on the Napa River Trail                                                         
18:  Birding the Dunn-Wildlake Ranch Preserve                             
26:  Wildlake Herpetology Hike - Member Series             
27:  Maggie’s Peak   


3:  Foote Botanical Preserve Work Day
  4:  River Stroll on the Napa River Trail
  8:  Dunn-Wildlake and Duff Ranch Orientation
10:  Archer Taylor Preserve Work Day                                                       
10:  Devil’s Well Photography Hike - Member Series
10:  Snell Valley Rare Wildflower Walk
11:  Mother’s Day at Tuteur Ranch
17:  Mead Ranch Vernal Pool Hike
18:  Linda Falls Preserve Work Day
18:  Geology of Wildlake     
20:  Dunn-Wildlake Ranch Preserve Work Day                                                                              
24:  Owling on Land Trust Preserves - Member Series
31:  Henry Road Birding          

1:  Wildlake Highlights                                                                                    
 7:  Candlestick Photography Hike - Member Series
 7:  Wildlake Work Day
 7:  Dunn-Wildlake and Duff Ranch Preserve Orientation
14: Archer Taylor Preserve Work Day
Kayak/Canoe Paddle on the Napa River
28: Stargazing at the Wantrup Wildlife Sanctuary                      

12: Archer Taylor Preserve Work Day
12: Wildlake Work Day

12: Dunn-Wildlake and Duff Ranch Preserve Orientation
26: Kayak/Canoe Paddle on the Napa River 

  9:  Archer Taylor Preserve Work Day
15: Up the River—With a Paddle!

Check back on September 3rd to see our Fall/Winter trips!

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