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  8:  Audubon-Cheyney Preserve/Devil’s Punchbowl - Rescheduled for 4/13
  8:  Archer Taylor Preserve Work Day
  9:  Linda Falls Preserve Work Day                
15:  Moonlight Hike and Overnight Campout at Wildlake          
16:  Trancas Crossing River Stroll
23:  Linda Falls Family Hike
23:  Candlestick Ridge Hike - Member Series

  5:  Grateful Dead Peak
  6:  Foote Botanical Preserve Work Day                                                                                    

  6:  Aetna Springs to Wildlake  
12:  Archer Taylor Preserve Work Day                                                                       
12:  The John Hoffnagle Loop at Wildlake
13:  Audubon-Cheney Preserve/Devil's Punchbowl                                      

13:  River Stroll on the Napa River Trail                                                         
18:  Birding the Dunn-Wildlake Ranch Preserve                             
26:  Wildlake Herpetology Hike - Member Series             
27:  Maggie’s Peak   


3:  Foote Botanical Preserve Work Day
  4:  River Stroll on the Napa River Trail
  8:  Dunn-Wildlake and Duff Ranch Orientation
10:  Archer Taylor Preserve Work Day                                                       
10:  Devil’s Well Photography Hike - Member Series
10:  Snell Valley Rare Wildflower Walk
11:  Mother’s Day at Tuteur Ranch
17:  Mead Ranch Vernal Pool Hike
18:  Linda Falls Preserve Work Day
18:  Geology of Wildlake     
20:  Dunn-Wildlake Ranch Preserve Work Day                                                                              
24:  Owling on Land Trust Preserves - Member Series
31:  Henry Road Birding          

1:  Wildlake Highlights                                                                                    
 7:  Candlestick Photography Hike - Member Series
 7:  Wildlake Work Day
 7:  Dunn-Wildlake and Duff Ranch Preserve Orientation
14: Archer Taylor Preserve Work Day
Kayak/Canoe Paddle on the Napa River
28: Stargazing at the Wantrup Wildlife Sanctuary                      

12: Archer Taylor Preserve Work Day
12: Wildlake Work Day

12: Dunn-Wildlake and Duff Ranch Preserve Orientation
26: Kayak/Canoe Paddle on the Napa River 

  9:  Archer Taylor Preserve Work Day
15: Up the River—With a Paddle! 
23: Meadow Restoration at the Dunn-Wildlake Ranch Preserve
23: Dunn-Wildlake and Duff Ranch Preserve Orientation

Check back on September 3rd to see our Fall/Winter trips!

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